Lam Wing-kee

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Lam wearing a blue cap in 2017
Lam Wing-kee
Traditional Chinese林榮基
Simplified Chinese林荣基

Lam Wing-kee (Chinese: 林榮基) is the former owner and current manager of Causeway Bay Books, a Hong Kong bookshop most well known for its provision of politically-related publications. Lam was detained by non-Hong Kong Disciplined Services in October 2015 as part of the disappearances of several bookshop owners; the Central Case Examination Group let him go to Hong Kong in June 2016 to fetch information.[1] When asked whether he can see that the government of Hong Kong has protected them ("見不見到特區政府有保護過你們"), he replied "No".[2]

His position/view on Hong Kong independence is ambiguous.[3] In a Canadian interview, he said

Freedom is not all-powerful, freedom is always relative. You have the freedom of expression of course, but there is also a restriction. For instance, you like to sing at night while the neighbor is sleeping causing disturbance, then has your freedom affected others? ("自由不是萬能,自由永遠是相對。當然你有表達的自由,但都是有規限,譬如夜晚你喜歡唱歌,隔壁人家睡覺,你吵到人家,如此你的自由是否影響到人家呢?"[4])

In April 2019 Lam moved to Taiwan in response to the proposed Hong Kong extradition bill.[5]


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