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Lambda Omega (ΛΩ) was a national collegiate sorority operating in the United States from October 31, 1915 until 1933.


Norroena Club was founded in 1915 on the campus of University of California, Berkeley. The sorority remained a local for seven years. The name meant "Breath of the North". The ritual combined a Native American legend with a Norse motif. The motif emphasized the hardihood, hospitality, economy, and friendship of the Norse (Miner, p. 180).

In 1923, the name changed to Lambda Omega. By 1931, eight collegiate chapters had been chartered, with a total membership of 500. The sorority was granted associate membership in the National Panhellenic Conference (Martin, p. 70.)

In 1933, Lambda Omega and Alpha Sigma Delta were absorbed by Theta Upsilon (Miner, p. 180).

Insignia and Traditions[edit]

  • Open Motto- I Will Be Worthy
  • Pledge pin- Silver pharetra
  • Member pin- Monogram of sorority letters
  • Colors- Violet and green
  • Flower- Wood violet
  • Jewel- Amethyst
  • Symbols- Pharetra, Torch
  • Patron- Artemis
  • Publications- The Pharetra (1925) The Norroena (esoteric, 1925)

(Martin, p. 70)

Alpha Sigma Delta Sorority[edit]

Iaqua Club was founded in 1919 at Berkeley (Miner, p. 181). It changed its name to Alpha Sigma Delta and had four chapters by the time it was absorbed by Lambda Omega.

The badge was a shield of red enamel, bearing the Greek letters vertically.

Delta Zeta[edit]

Lambda Omega and Alpha Sigma Delta sororities, through their absorption by Theta Upsilon, have their legacies in Delta Zeta sorority. In 1962, Theta Upsilon joined Delta Zeta (Miner, p. 181).


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