Lamberto, Lord of Monaco

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Lamberto Grimaldi
Born c.  1420
Died 15 March 1494
Noble family Grimaldi
Spouse(s) Claudine Grimaldi
Father NIcolas Grimaldi di Antibes
Mother Cesarina Doria d’Oneglia

Lamberto Grimaldi (c. 1420 – March 1494) was Lord of Monaco from 16 March 1458. He was married to his cousin Claudine Grimaldi in 1465 to secure the Grimaldi inheritance of Monaco that by the small state's constitution could only pass to male heirs. Lamberto was of the branch of the Grimaldi family which had settled in Antibes while Claudia was of the more powerful Monaco branch.

Lamberto assumed the reins of power in Monaco at a difficult time in its often vulnerable history. Lamberto fought to preserve Monaco's independence, and is said to have "handled diplomacy and the sword with equal talent".[1] He also established the Grimaldi motto "With God's help."

He and Claudine had at least six children;

  • Jean (1468 – 11 October 1505)
  • Louis ; deemed insane and barred from the inheritance
  • Bianca
  • Augustino, Bishop of Grasse (1482 – 14 April 1532)
  • Françoise (died before 1523); married Luc Doria, her son Bartholomew Doria murdered her brother Lucien
  • Lucien (1487 – 22 August 1523)


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Lamberto, Lord of Monaco
Born: c. 1420 Died: 15 March 1494
Preceded by
Lord of Monaco
Succeeded by
Jean II