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Lambrini is a light and fruity perry that is manufactured in Liverpool by Halewood International. It was first created by the company in 1994. Lambrini dominates the British commercial perry market, with a 53.6% market share in the off trade.[1][verification needed]


Lambrini is available in Original (7.5% ABV), Luci (3.5% ABV), Cherry, Peach and Strawberry (all 5% ABV). A 2009 study on alcohol sold in supermarkets and off licences in North East England identified Lambrini as the cheapest alcohol in the wine category, measured on the price of a unit of alcohol.[2]

Production for a bottle of Lambrini takes about six weeks.[3]

Lambrini has on occasion been accused of deliberate confusion with other wine and perry manufacturers' products beginning with "Lam", such as Lambrusco.[4][5][6]


Although Lambrini is not a wine but a perry, it is a marketed more in the style of a wine than of a traditional perry or cider.[7] Its marketing is targeted to women.[8][9] The Committee of Advertising Practice published a new edition of their advertising code in 2005, and the campaign for Lambrini was the first to be found non-compliant.[10] The Advertising Standards Authority banned the ad in question for implying that the drink may bring sexual or social success.[11]

The advertising for the product was changed in 2015 from the slogan "Lambrini girls just wanna have fun", by launching a new "Bring the Brini" marketing campaign.[12]

Implicitly it has been associated with so-called chav-culture, or the lower classes, in Britain. [13]


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