Lambs Anger

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Lambs Anger
Studio album by Mr. Oizo
Released 17 November 2008
Genre Electronic, avant-garde
Length 44:32
Label Ed Banger Records
Mr. Oizo chronology
Lambs Anger
Stade 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Culturedeluxe 6/10 stars link
Drowned in Sound 7/10 stars link
musicOMH 4/5 stars link
NME 7/10 stars link
Pitchfork Media (2.9/10) link
PopMatters 3/10 stars link
Prefix 6.5/10 stars link
Uncut 3/5 stars link

Lambs Anger is the third album by Mr. Oizo. Although this album contains many of Mr. Oizo's trademark avant-garde elements, it also has many elements of Electro and French House not previously heard in his albums, most notably French electro-rapper Uffie's guest track, "Steroids". The first single from the album is "Positif", which was released three days after the album's release and has received support from a wide variety of DJs, including Flying Lotus and D.I.M. Unlike Analog Worms Attack and Moustache (Half a Scissor), the album is composed of many dance tracks suited for a club environment.

The album cover pays homage to the 1928 surrealist film "Un Chien Andalou", where in place of Simone Mareuil is a puppet named Flat Eric, who appeared in the music video for Flat Beat.

The album was released in France on 17 November 2008 and in America on 26 January 2009. It has received mixed reviews, with Pitchfork Media and PopMatters especially disliking it.

On the iTunes listing of Lambs Anger, there is an exclusive song which can only be obtained by buying the whole album. The track is called "Lambs Garbage (Unfinished)", and features many different short clips of scrapped or unreleased songs by Mr. Oizo (upon the end of each clip is a voice saying "unfinished"), including a surreal cover of " Like A Virgin" by Madonna which is performed by a text-to-speech voice. Another notable clip is that of a song entitled "Flip Bat", which Mr. Oizo released as part of the album Unfinished Unreleased Unpleasant in 2012.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hun"
  2. "Pourriture 2"
  3. "Z"
  4. "Cut Dick"
  5. "Two Takes It" ft. Carmen Castro
  6. "Rank"
  7. "Bruce Willis Is Dead"
  8. "Jo"
  9. "Positif"
  10. "Lambs Anger"
  11. "Erreur Jean" ft. Error Smith
  12. "Steroids" ft. Uffie
  13. "Gay Dentists"
  14. "Pourriture 7"
  15. "W"
  16. "Lars Von Sen"
  17. "Blind Concerto"

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