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Total population
(22,200 (est.))
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Thailand
Lamet, Lao, Thai
Animism, Buddhism

The Lamet people are an ethnic group in Thailand and Laos.

Name Variations[edit]

Lamet are also often referred to as:[citation needed]

  • Lamed
  • Khamet
  • Khamed

Geographic Distribution[edit]

There are approximately 22,000 Lamet in the Louang Namtha Province, Oudomxai and Bokeo Provinces of Laos.[citation needed] There are also approximately 100 Lamet in Thailand in the Chiang Rai and Lampang Provinces.[citation needed]There are also 90 Lamet in the United States and 30 in France.[citation needed] In Laos, the Lamet are a hill tribe.


The Lamet claim to be an indigenous population to northwestern Laos.[1] They are a Palaungic ethnic group.


The Lamet speak an Austroasiatic language related to Palaung and Wa.[1] Most adult males also speak Tai Yuan.[1]


The Lamet practice slash-and-burn agriculture, as well as hunting, gathering and fishing.[1] The Lamet trade with the Lao and Thai to obtain their necessaries.[1] Some Lamet also work for wages.[1]


Marriage customs[edit]

After marriage, the newly married Lamet man moves into his wife's family home and works for her father. He then begins to make marriage payments up to a fixed amount, after which the couple either moves in with the husband's parents, or the couple makes a new household.[citation needed]

Significance of Wealth[edit]

Wealth is considered an important characteristic among male Lamet. For the Lamet, wealth is measured by one's inventory of buffalo, chimes, and bronze drums.[citation needed]


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