Lamma Winds

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Lamma Winds
Lamma wind turbine 1.JPG
Lamma Winds in June 2008
Location of Lamma Winds in Hong Kong
Official nameLamma Wind Power Station
  • China
LocationLamma Island, Hong Kong
Coordinates22°13′30″N 114°7′14″E / 22.22500°N 114.12056°E / 22.22500; 114.12056Coordinates: 22°13′30″N 114°7′14″E / 22.22500°N 114.12056°E / 22.22500; 114.12056
Commission date23 February 2006; 16 years ago (2006-02-23)
Owner(s)Hongkong Electric
Operator(s)Hongkong Electric
Wind farm
Hub height46 m (151 ft)
Rotor diameter50 m (160 ft)
Rated wind speed3 to 25 m/s (9.8 to 82.0 ft/s)
Power generation
Units operational1 × 800 kW [1]
Make and modelNordex SE N50/800kW
Nameplate capacity800 kW
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Lamma Winds (traditional Chinese: 南丫風采發電站; simplified Chinese: 南丫风采发电站; pinyin: Nányā Fēngcǎi Fādiànzhàn) is a wind farm, more accurately a lone wind turbine, in Tai Ling, Lamma Island, Hong Kong where the average wind velocity is 5.5 m/s.[2]

Built near the Lamma Power Station and owned by Hongkong Electric, on average it provides slightly over 100 kW of power[3] to Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island.

Technical details[edit]

Lamma Winds began operating on 23 February 2006, and was the first commercial-scale wind turbine in Hong Kong. The wind turbine is a Nordex N50/800 kW model with a rotor diameter of 50 metres (160 ft), a nameplate capacity of 800 kilowatts (1,100 hp)[4] and a capacity factor of about 13%[5] which delivers an average output of around 100 kilowatts (130 hp). It can generate enough power for approximately 250 households in ideal conditions,[6] though considerably fewer in typical conditions. Before the construction of the wind turbine, Environmental Resources Management of Hong Kong (ERMHK) analyzed its environmental impacts, and predicted no significant adverse effects.[7]

Exhibition centre[edit]

Lamma Winds is one of the relatively few commercial-scale wind turbines in the world that is open to the public. An exhibition centre surrounds the base of the wind turbine, and is open daily from 7 AM to 6 PM, including weekends and holidays.[8] Access to the exhibition center is on foot; the walk from Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier takes about 40 minutes.[9]

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