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Lamokowang (Calabash)
Directed by Petna Ndaliko
Produced by Centre d'étude et de production vidéographique
Screenplay by Petna Ndaliko
Music by Lokua Kanza Watmon Cultural Group
Cinematography Petna Ndaliko Katondolo
Edited by Petna Ndaliko
Release dates
Running time
13 minutes
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo

Lamokowang is a 2003 documentary film.


The calabash is used as a metaphor for Africa and its representation of cinema. The rhythm intrudes into the film to pose questions of yesterday's cinema and emphatically address tomorrow's. Will cinema be able to break free from clichés and prejudices? [1][2]


It is one of three short films along with True Story and Intervention Rapide made by Katondolo in conjunction with Yole!Africa, a community arts organization based in Goma.[3]


  • Zanzíbar 2004


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