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Lamya Kaddor, 2015

Lamya Kaddor (born 1978 in Ahlen) is a German scholar of Islamic studies of Syrian ancestry, a writer and founder and chairwoman of the Liberal-Islamic Association (LIB e.V.).[1] She is known for introducing Islamic education in German in public schools in Germany.[2]

Together with Rabeya Müller, she has published the first German Qur'an translation for children and adults: "Der Koran für Kinder und Erwachsene".[3] Furthermore, she is the initiator and editor of the first German school book for Islamic education, called "Saphir".[4]

Especially since 2014, she works on the subject of Salafism and Islamism. Five of her former students volunteered for jihad in Syria, which Lamya Kaddor perceived as a personal defeat.[5]

She taught Islamic education in a secondary school in Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia.[6]


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