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Prince of Lan Ling
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Also known as
MandarinLán Líng Wáng
Written byWu Dawei
Huang Rourou
Chen Xiaohao
Meng Zhi
Directed byChung Shukai
Zhou Xiaopeng
StarringFeng Shaofeng
Ariel Lin
Daniel Chan
Opening themeInto the Array Song by Mayday
Ending themeHeart of Palms by Della Ding
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes46
Executive producer(s)Luō Gang
Producer(s)Ren Zhonglun
Yang Dengkui
Yang Zili
Zhang Xiaowu
Production location(s)China
Running time45 mins
Production company(s)SFG Emperor Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Polyface Entertainment Media Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Dongwang Media Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Youhug Media Co.Ltd.
Original networkJiangsu Television (JSTV)
Picture formatSD 576i, HD 1080p
Original release14 August (2013-08-14) –
30 August 2013 (2013-08-30)
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Prince of Lan Ling (Chinese: 兰陵王) is a 2013 Chinese television series that is set during the lifetime of the Northern Qi Dynasty prince Gao Changgong. It starred Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng as the titular Prince of Lan Ling, alongside Taiwanese actress singer Ariel Lin and Hong Kong actor singer Daniel Chan.

Principal photography began on 16 April and finished on 10 August 2012 in Mainland China. Filming locations include Hengdian World Studios, Xiangshan Movie & Television Town in Zhejiang Province and Tianmo Natural Desert in Huailai County Hebei Province. The series began airing in China on 4 channels (Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Shenzhen TV, Yunnan TV) simultaneously on 14 August 2013.[1] The series was also aired in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asia-Pacific countries.[2][3]


The Prince of Lan Ling is one of the four most handsome men in ancient Chinese history. Known as the God of War, he led his army into battle and vanquished his foes while wearing a fearsome mask to hide his face. His real name was Gao Changgong, a famed general during the Northern Qi period who is wise and loyal, and treats his soldiers with great generosity and respect.

A prophecy foretold that victory would go to the one who has the priestess blessing. Yang Xuewu, the last priestess of her clan, unwittingly becomes embroiled in a war between Northern Qi and Northern Zhou. Although she foresees a tragic fate for the Prince of Lan Ling, the military general of Northern Qi, she falls in love with him and helps him win the war against Yuwen Yong, the Emperor of Northern Zhou. However, her attempts only bring him closer to his fate. As his standing among his people grows, so does the murderous jealousy in Crown prince’s heart. Can she protect him when it’s his family who wants him dead?[4]



Crowned with the title “Beautiful God of War”, the Prince of Lan Ling is an undefeatable and strong general, who possesses both strength and intelligence. As a prince of royal blood, he treats everyone equally, regardless of their rank and background. He fights battles, seeing them each as a step towards world peace. Being a kindhearted man, he chooses to wear a demonic mask whenever he goes on a war, and under the mask, he becomes a cruel and heartless general who soars to bring victory to his kingdom. Upon seeing his mother’s fate of not being able to be with the man that she loves, he vows to marry and love only one woman in his lifetime, not wanting his wife to share the same misery as his mother.
The last descendant of the legendary line of female seers known as the Heavenly Maiden. A cheerful, intelligent and kind-hearted girl. She is naive and trusting, and often willing to step out bravely and protect what she think is right. Even with her limited medical knowledge, she is able to cure many illnesses and this, coupled with her intelligence, people unanimously acknowledged her as the Heavenly Maiden.(Jiang Yi Yi 蒋依依 as young Yang Xue Wu)
A natural ruler with good looks, wisdom, perception and strength, he is also a ruthless emperor who does not tolerate betrayal. Having to survive in the Palace to protect his throne, he learnt to protect himself and to never reveal his weakness to anyone. He is kind to his servants and loving to his niece, Zhen Er. He views the Prince of Lan Ling as an honourable rival and strikes up a peace treaty between the two states. Unfortunately, only one of them can survive to be the ruler of the North.


Northern Qi[edit]

Prince of Lan Ling’s beloved younger half brother; he is also his capable assistant. Entering the palace with the same circumstance as his elder brother, he is very dependent on and loyal to his brother. A flirtatious man who is good with ladies, he also helped match-make his brother and Xue Wu. Eventually, he marries and settles down with Xue Wu's servant, Xiao Cui.
  • Zhai Tianlin as Gao Wei, Emperor of Northern Qi
Born as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Qi, people have high expectations of him, including his father who treated him strictly since young; resulting in him feeling belittled and underappreciated. He is kindhearted in nature, but seeing that he is surpassed by his cousin, the Prince of Lan Ling, he becomes bitter and feels the need to prove himself to everyone. This causes him to becomes a multi-faceted and cruel man due to his jealousy taking over. He is often reckless when making important decisions, and resorts to every means in order to get to the throne, including murdering his father. He has been in love with Zheng Er since he was young, but Zheng Er abuses his love to exact revenge on the Prince of Lan Ling and Xue Wu.
A palace maid of the previous Empress of Qi, who fell in love with the Prince of Lan Ling at first sight. She is later tricked by the Empress and Zu Ting and becomes a slave for participating in a conspiracy of which she was unaware of. She eventually escapes the slave camp, only to arrive at Lan Ling Manor in time to find out that Xue Wu was to marry the Prince. This causes her to be filled with jealousy and hatred, and she resorts to all means to destroy Xue Wu's reputation. Eventually, the Prince finds out about her trickery and banishes her. She then takes on the identity of Feng Xiaolian and becomes the current Empress of Qi, an extremely scheming woman who manipulates the Emperor of Qi (Gao Wei) to take revenge.
  • Shawn Wei as Han Xiaodong
Protector of Xue Wu who is extremely loyal and caring towards her. Originally a poor boy from Beggars' Village, he tricks Xue Wu and sells her to a slave trader. However, after she escapes and sees the terrible conditions that made it necessary for him to commit crimes to gain money, she forgives him and helps the Village recover. Since then, Xiao Dong has been working at Lan Ling Manor. He is secretly in love with Xue Wu, but remains silent.
Fourth Emperor of Northern Qi Dynasty. Gao Wei's father, the Prince of Lan Ling and Prince An De's uncle. He was killed by his son Gao Wei.
Gao Zhan's wife, and Gao Wei's biological mother. She will do anything to make sure her son Gao Wei ascends to the throne.
  • Li Donghan as Yang Shishen
Northern Qi General. A trusted friend and subordinate to the Prince of Lan Ling, who played a crucial role in many battles.
  • He Qiang as Duan Shao
Prince of Lan Ling's trusted mentor, who personally brought him to the palace at age 6.
Northern Qi official and Gao Wei's trusted advisor. He causes tension between the Prince of Lan Ling and Gao Wei by instilling jealousy in Gao Wei. He planned to betray Northern Qi empire by poisoning Yuwen Yong and controlling him, but he was later killed by Prince of Lan Ling.
Great Northern Qi general. He was Killed by Gao Wei for his honest comments towards him.
  • Wang Tianye as Hulu Xu Da
Northern Qi general, son of Hulu Guang. He is a trusted friend to the Prince of Lan Ling since young. He was captured and tortured by the Northern Zhou army, and died.
  • Deng Sha as Prince of Lan Ling's birth mother
  • Zhu Haijun as Xiao Cui
Prince of Lan Ling's house maid and loyal servant. She is one of the first to notice Zheng Er's suspicious behaviour and protects Xue Wu. She stays with Prince An De after all his concubines leave him.

Northern Zhou[edit]

A wise and knowledgeable woman who is able to aid her husband to acquire and become the ruler of the North. She is married to Yuwen Yong politically, but loves him deeply.
Northern Zhou's Chief Minister, Yuwen Yong´s uncle. His cruel ambitions for power and the throne leads him to kill Yuwen Yong's brothers.
  • Wang Zheng as Yuwen Shen Ju
Yuwen Yong's trusted subordinate.
Northern Zhou general, loyal subordinate of Yuwen Yong. Ambitious and unscrupulous, his main goal is to defeat his enemies. Yuwen Yong was forced to kill him after the Chief Minister Yuwen Hu shames him for losing a battle against the Prince of Lan Ling.
  • Zhang Zimu as Yuwen Zhen
Yuwen Yong's niece. She is a sickly child. Yuwen Yong is very protective of her since her father was killed by his uncle Yuwen Hu.
Northern Zhou's previous Emperor. Yuwen Yong's half brother and Yuwen Zhen's father. He was poisoned to death by Yuwen Hu.


Xue Wu's grandmother. She is very protective of Xue Wu since they are the last of their tribe. She predicted the prophecy of the Prince of Lan Ling's tragic fate.
  • Huang Xindi as Yu Tu
Yuwen Yong's spy against Yuwen Hu.


1."Heart of Palms" (手掌心)Della Ding4:18
2." Into the Array Song" (入陣曲)Mayday3:29
3."Crazy Existence" (瘋狂的存在)Richie Ren4:18
4."Fate" (命運)JiaJia3:50
5."Suddenly I Am Touched" (突然心動)Daniel Chan5:40
6."Who Obtains the Heavenly Maiden, Obtains the World" (得天女者得天下)Instrumental3:58
7."An Inch of Time, An Inch of Heart" (一寸光陰一寸心)Instrumental3:33
8."Can’t Return To The Day We First Met" (回不去初識那天)Instrumental3:06
9."The Truth Beneath The Mask" (假面真情)Instrumental3:29
10."Thorough Daybreak" (一乾二淨的黎明)Instrumental3:04
11." As Seen By Man And Heaven, Obeying The Will Of Heaven" (天人可見,不違天意)Instrumental3:08
12."The Night Is Not Over, Battlefield Of Survivors" (夜未央,倖存的沙場)Instrumental2:59
13."Loving One Person in a Lifetime" (一生只愛一人)Instrumental3:18

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2013 5th China TV Drama Awards Top Ten Television Series Won

International broadcast[edit]

Channel Country Airing Date Timeslot Notes
Dragon TV
August 14, 2013
Monday to Thursday 3 episodes, Friday to Sunday 2 episodes
Zhejiang TV
Shenzhen TV
Yunnan TV
August 23, 2013
Monday to Friday 2 episodes
CtiTV October 24, 2013
Monday to Friday 1 episodes
Chunghwa TV
November 1, 2013
Chunghwa Idol TV
Starhub TV VV Drama
December 26, 2013
Monday to Thursday 1 episodes
Astro Quan Jia HD
January 15, 2014
Astro AEC
September 15, 2014
Drama2 TVB
Hong Kong
Channel 7
March 29, 2016
Monday to Thursday 1 episodes[5]


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