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Lan astaslem (Arabic: لن استسلم ) is an Arabic phrase meaning "I will not surrender".[1][2] The term is used in reference to Aslim Taslam (Arabic: أسلم تسلم) ("submit to Islam").

As resistance statement[edit]

Oriana Fallaci, the Italian author and outspoken journalist, popularized the rejoinder lan astaslem.[1][2]

Michelle Malkin has taken up this slogan as a response to the WTC terrorist attacks.[3] T-shirts with lan astaslem have been produced, with all proceeds going to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.[4]


Aslim Taslam (Arabic: أسلم تسلم) ("submit to Islam") is a phrase that was taken from the letters sent by the Prophet Muhammed to the chiefs of tribes in his times in which he reportedly urged them to convert to Islam to spare their lives.[citation needed]

On September 17, 2006, in response to the Pope Benedict XVI Islam controversy, Imad Hamto, a Palestinian religious leader, said: “We want to use the words of the Prophet Muhammad and tell the pope: ‘Aslim Taslam'.[5] This was interpreted as a warning.[5][6]


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