Lanalhue Lake

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Lanalhue Lake
Amanecer en lago Lanalhue.JPG
Lago Lanalhue, left down.
Coordinates 37°55′S 73°18′W / 37.917°S 73.300°W / -37.917; -73.300Coordinates: 37°55′S 73°18′W / 37.917°S 73.300°W / -37.917; -73.300[1]
Lake type Fault lake
Basin countries Chile
Surface area 31 km2 (12 sq mi)[2]
References [1][2]

Lanalhue Lake (Spanish pronunciation: [laˈnalwe]) is a Chilean lake located in the Arauco Province of Bío Bío Region. The lake is placed in the Nahuelbuta Range above the Lanalhue Fault.


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