Lanca Birda River

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Lanca Birda River
Countries Romania
Counties Timiș County
 - left Folea, Voiteg
 - right Vâna Mare
Villages Cerna, Liebling, Iosif, Jebel, Ghilad
Mouth Timiș
 - location Gad
 - coordinates 45°28′26″N 20°58′57″E / 45.4739°N 20.9824°E / 45.4739; 20.9824Coordinates: 45°28′26″N 20°58′57″E / 45.4739°N 20.9824°E / 45.4739; 20.9824
Progression TimișDanubeBlack Sea

The Lanca Birda River is a left tributary of the river Timiș in Romania. It discharges into the Timiș in Gad. The river was canalized downstream of Ghilad and at present plays the role of drainage canal of the lowlands on the left bank of the Timiș.


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