Lancashire Amateur League

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Lancashire Amateur League
Country England
Founded 1899
Divisions 8
Number of teams 85 teams from 39 clubs
Level on pyramid 13 to 19

The Lancashire Amateur Football League is an English association football league founded in 1899. Currently the league consists of seven divisions – Premier, One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. The Premier Division is at level 13 in the English football league system.

The top two teams from each division are promoted to the next division up and the bottom two teams are relegated to the next division down. Two teams from the same club are generally not permitted to compete in the same division.

About the League[edit]

The Lancashire Amateur Football League (more commonly known as the LAL) was founded in 1899[1] and consists of approx. 40 Clubs who run in the order of 85 teams. These clubs are situated throughout the old boundaries of Lancashire & Cheshire; stretching from Preston in the North, Southport in the West, Rochdale and Oldham in the East and Lymm in the South.

The League's Premier League has "feeder league status" within the FA Pyramid scheme for Referees. The Executive Committee and League Council are elected by clubs in membership of the League. Although clubs running a minimum of two teams are preferred, the League will consider applications for clubs running one team provided they match the League's standards expected for discipline, ground & facilities, fair play and standards of organisation/administration. The League has a strict policy of monitoring the discipline record of players (using a points system) and players whose conduct has not been considered acceptable are subject to their registration being withdrawn.

Member club Old Boltonians play on what has been recognised as the oldest football ground still in use in the world.[2]

Current member clubs[edit]

The member clubs for the 2015–16 season are as follows

Premier Division
Bury Grammar School Old Boys
Failsworth Dynamos
Horwich St. Mary's Victoria
Howe Bridge Mills
Little Lever Sports
North Walkden
Old Boltonians
Old Mancunians
Rochdale St. Clements
Tottington United
Division One
Accrington Amateurs
Blackrod Town
Bolton Wyresdale
Castle Hill
Farnworth Town
Hesketh Casuals
Old Blackburnians
Oldham Hulmeians
Roach Dynamos
Rochdale St.Clements Reserves
Whitworth Valley
Division Two
AFC Dobbies
Bury Grammar School Old Boys Reserves
Failsworth Dynamos Reserves
Hesketh Casuals
Horwich Railway Mechanics Institute
Mostonians Reserves
Old Blackburnians Reserves
Old Boltonians Reserves
Oldham Hulmeians Reserves
Radcliffe Town
Division Three
Accrington Amateurs Reserves
Bacup United
Chaddertonians Reserves
Howe Bridge Mills Reserves
Little Lever Sports Reserves
Old Boltonians 'A'
Old Mancunians Reserves
Radcliffe Boys
Radcliffe Town Reserves
Rochdale St. Clements 'A'
Rossendale Reserves
Thornleigh Reserves
Division Four
Ainsworth Reserves
Bolton Lads Club
Bolton Wyresdale Reserves
Horwich Railway Mechanics Institute Reserves
Horwich St. Mary's Victoria Reserves
Mostonians 'A'
North Walkden Reserves
Old Blackburnians 'A'
Old Mancunians 'A'
Wardle Reserves
Division Five
Ashtonians Reserves
Bolton Wyresdale 'A'
Bury Grammar School Old Boys 'A'
Little Lever Sports Club 'A'
Old Boltonians 'B'
Oldham Hulmeians 'A'
Radcliffe Boys Reserves
Radcliffe Town 'A'
Rochdale St. Clements 'B'
Thornleigh 'A'
Tottington United Reserves
Whitworth Valley Reserves
Division Six
Bury Grammar School Old Boys 'B'
Hesketh Casuals 'A'
Horwich Railway Mechanics Institute 'A'
Howe Bridge Mills 'A'
Lymm Reserves
Old Mancunians 'B'
Oldham Hulmeians 'B'
Radcliffe Town 'B'
Thornleigh 'B'
Tottington United 'A'


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