Lancaster Brewing Company

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Lancaster Brewing Company
Lancaster Brewing Company (emblem).jpg
Step Up To Better Beer
LocationLancaster, Pennsylvania
United States
Owned byLancaster Brewing Company
Active beers
Name Type
Hop Hog IPA
Pale Ale Ale
Milk Stout Stout
Strawberry Wheat Fruit Beer
Gold Star Pilsner Pilsner
Fest Beer Amber Lager
Celtic Rose Amber Ale
Lancaster Lager Lager
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Rumspringa Golden Bock
Kölsch German Kölsch
Hefeweizen Wheat Beer
Oktoberfest Vienna Lager
Winter Warmer Olde Ale
Baltic Porter Lager
Billy's Bock Bock
Shoo-Fly Porter Porter
Double Chocolate Milk Stout Imperial Stout
Country Cream Ale Cream Ale
Boss Hog Double IPA
Southern Boss Hog Double IPA
Black Boar Black IPA

The Lancaster Brewing Company is a brewery and pub located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that produces beer and serves food. The brewery produces over 20 different beers throughout the year. Up to 12 beers are on tap inside the restaurant at any one time. Lancaster Brewing Company beer can be found throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with distribution in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The brewery and the restaurant are located in the historic Edward McGovern Tobacco Warehouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990 [1] located at 302 N. Plum St, Lancaster, PA 17602.

The Restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Lunch is available Monday-Saturday 11:30am till 4pm. Dinner is served from 4pm till 10pm Monday-Thursday, 4pm-10:30pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 11:30am till 10pm on Sunday.

The Beverages of the Lancaster Brewing Company[edit]

The brewery is housed in the McGovern Tobacco Warehouse, which is listed by the National Register of Historic Places
  • Hop Hog, This formidable India Pale Ale has a hop aroma that demands attention. The bold citrus hop flavor is balanced by a dry malt character, which makes this refreshing ale a true classic. IBU:55 ABV:7.9%
  • Milk Stout, We’re proud to present America’s original craft milk stout, brewed by Lancaster since 1995. A dark ale bursting with roasted barley and chocolate flavors, mellowed by the addition of non-fermentable milk sugar, providing a minimal sweetness. IBU:22 ABV:5.3%
  • Lancaster Pale Ale, This exceptional American Pale Ale is brewed to be the perfect balance of floral hop notes and smooth malt flavors. IBU:34 ABV:5%
  • Strawberry Wheat Beer, American wheat lager-style beer, with the subtle suggestion of real strawberries, is the perfect pint of true refreshment. IBU:16 ABV:4.7%
  • Gold Star Pilsner, Classic Bohemian style Pilsner bringing noble hop flavor and traditional maltiness into perfect union before another healthier dose of imported hops tips the scale towards a decidedly hoppy finish. IBU:33 ABV:5.1%
  • Celtic Rose, available year-round, the company's version of English Amber Ale with German and Austrian hops, as well as British malts IBU:16 ABV:5%
  • Lancaster Lager, This Helles style lager showcases a balance of malt, along with German and European hops. Lancaster Lager finishes smooth and refreshing. IBU:15 ABV:4.9%
  • Fest Beer, Amber lager with a light copper color and nice malt sweetness. Rich, creamy, and medium to full bodied, this lager uses seven different malts and three varieties of hops. IBU:20 ABV:5.5%
  • Winter Warmer, available October thru January, a full-bodied, firmly malted beer with American and British hops
  • Hefe Weizen, available May thru August, a light, bubbly Munich-style wheat beer with a spicy banana finish
  • Rumspringa, available February thru April, a Golden Bock sweetened with Lancaster County honey available on draft and in cans
  • Kölsch, available May thru September, a traditional German style Kölsch ale available on draft and in cans
  • Oktoberfest, available August thru November, traditional Vienna Style Lager using 7 different malts and 3 varieties of hops.
  • Baltic Porter, available December thru January, a lager style porter deep in color and flavor.
  • Billy's Bock, available March thru May, a rich sweet German bock style beer.
  • Shoo-Fly Porter, available September thru October, a delicious porter sweetened with a touch of Lancaster County Molasses.
  • Double Chocolate Milk Stout, available December thru January, a creative twist on the normal milk stout, brewed with nibs from the cacao pod.
  • Country Cream Ale, available May thru September, a light to medium bodied brew with a rich gold color.
  • Boss Hog Double IPA, available June thru August, full bodied with a big citrus hop aroma.
  • Southern Boss Hog, available February thru March, a double IPA brewed with hops from New Zealand.
  • Black Boar, available April thru May, a smooth dark IPA.

Coordinates: 40°2′37″N 76°17′53″W / 40.04361°N 76.29806°W / 40.04361; -76.29806


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