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Lancaster County Prison entrance

The Lancaster County Prison is a county prison located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is located on East King Street in Lancaster City.

A county prison was originally built in 1851 and renovated in 1972. The present medieval-style building replaced the earlier prisons in 1851,[1] with Fulton Hall, of the Fulton Opera House being built on the site of the earlier prison.[2] The prison is still in active use.

With over 5,000 admissions each year (and a similar number of discharges), Lancaster County Prison currently has beds for over 950 inmates, but has the capacity to accommodate more if needed.[citation needed]

The majority of those currently detained are imprisoned pending trial, the remaining 40% having already been sentenced. Sentenced inmates are charged $10 per day for their incarceration, under the Lancaster County Prison "prisoner cost recovery program", in operation since 1995.[3]

It was used for public hangings until 1912.[citation needed]


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