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Lancaster Herald
Badge of the Lancaster Herald.svg
The heraldic badge of Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing body College of Arms

Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary is an English officer of arms at the College of Arms in London. The title of Lancaster Herald first occurs in 1347 at Calais, and to begin with this officer was a servant to the noble house of Lancaster. As a retainer of John of Gaunt (1377–1399) Lancaster was advanced to the rank of King of Arms, and was later promoted to the royal household of Henry IV (Gaunt's son), and made king of the northern province. This arrangement continued until 1464, when Lancaster reverted to the rank of herald. Since the reign of King Henry VII (1485–1509) Lancaster has been a herald in ordinary. The badge of office is a red rose of Lancaster, royally crowned.

The current Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary is Robert John Baptist Noel, MA (Oxford), MPhil (Cambridge).

Holders of the office[edit]

Brackets indicate a date or approximate date for which there is evidence that the named person was holder of this office. The reigning monarch is given if the date is not known more precisely.

Lancaster Herald to the Earl or Duke of Lancaster[edit]

  • (1354) Herman (surname unknown)
  • (1358) John (surname unknown)
  • (1366) Nicholas (surname unknown)
  • (1386) Roger Durroit, Esq.
  • (Ric II) Richard Bruges, Esq.

Lancaster King of Arms in Ordinary[edit]

  • (Ric II) Richard Bruges, Esq.
  • (1426) John Ashwell, Esq.
  • (1436) William Boys, Esq.
  • (1447) William Tyndale, Esq.

Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary[edit]

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