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Logo-Lance pop.jpg
Logo of Lance!
Type National daily sports newspaper
Format Tabloid
Publisher Areté Editorial S/A
Editor Walter de Mattos Júnior
Founded October 26, 1997 [1]
Language Portuguese
Headquarters Rua Santa Maria, 47, Bairro Cidade Nova, CEP: 20211210, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Circulation 80,238 (2012)[2]
Website Lancenet

Lance! is a daily sports newspaper in Brazil, and its first edition was published in 1997. Its headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, and they print regional versions for some of the other Brazilian states.

Its tabloid format as well as its news design quickly became a success, and Lance! is also popular among Brazilian TV and radio sports journalists and reporters.[citation needed]

Its 3000th edition was published on January 29, 2006. There are Lance! offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, and they also publish regional versions in Curitiba and Manaus.

Lance! also issues a weekly magazine called Lance! A+; its first edition was published in 2000.


The newspaper awards the winner of the first turn of the Série A with the Troféu Osmar Santos, while the second turn winner is awarded with the Troféu João Saldanha.[3]


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