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Lance Cottrell develops Internet privacy systems. Cottrell launched the commercial privacy service,, in 1995[1] while studying towards a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of California, San Diego. Cottrell was the original coder for the Mixmaster anonymous remailer[2][3] and designed version 1 Mixmaster Protocol.[4] As president of and in conjunction with the EFF, Cottrell established the Kosovo Privacy Project[5] which, using services, allowed individuals to report from the 1999 Kosovo war zone without fear of retaliation.

Cottrell's company Anonymizer Inc. was acquired by Abraxas Corporation in April 2008[6][7] and Cottrell now serves as Chief Scientist for the company.

Cottrell is a noted privacy advocate and has appeared in dozens of interviews on radio, TV, and in print, as well as speaking at numerous conferences.[8]


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