Lance O'Casey

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Lance O'Casey
Lance O'Casey.jpg
The cover of Lance O'Casey #1 (1946).
Publication information
PublisherFawcett Comics (currently owned by DC Comics)
First appearanceWhiz Comics #2 (February, 1940)
Created byBill Parker and C.C. Beck
In-story information
Alter egoN/A
Place of originEarth
Supporting character ofCaptain Marvel
AbilitiesAstounding seafaring skills and exceptional, but not superhuman, athletic abilities

Lance O'Casey is a fictional character who had his own strip in Fawcett Comics' Whiz Comics. The stories were popular backup stories to the book's main attractions of Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher.

Character history[edit]

The stories featured the adventurous sailor O'Casey and a pet monkey, Mr. Hogan. Later on, O'Casey left his monkey and started traveling with a new first-mate named Mike Bellew. O'Casey and Bellew were down on their luck adventurers looking to transport cargo, search for the odd bit of treasure or help damsels in distress.

So far O'Casey has made only one non-reprint appearance in DC Comics, in the 1998 Captain Marvel comic book, The Power of Shazam!, portraying an aged, yet feisty, sailor in issue #34.

Known Appearances and Reprints[edit]

Fawcett Comics[edit]

  • Whiz Comics #2-155 (February 1940-June 1953)
  • America's Greatest Comics #4 (August 1942 guest appearance in a Captain Marvel story)
  • All-Hero Comics #1 (March 1943)
  • Mighty Midget Comics #12 (1943) (First comic devoted entirely to character)
  • Master Comics #49 (April 1944)
  • Lance O'Casey #1-4 (Spring 1946-Summer 1948)

Samuel E. Lowe & Co.[edit]

  • Captain Marvel Adventures (Mighty Midget Comic) #11 (1942 reprint from America's Greatest Comics #4)
  • Lance O'Casey (Mighty Midget Comic) #12 (1943 issue reprinting Lance O'Casey stories from Whiz Comics #37-39)

Charlton Comics[edit]

  • Danger and Adventure #23 & 26 (April & November 1955) (reprint from Whiz Comics #103 & an original story, respectively)
  • Don Winslow of the Navy #72-73 (July & September 1955) (an original story & a reprint from Whiz Comics #116, respectively)
  • Terry and the Pirates #28 (October 1955 reprint from Whiz Comics #131)

DC Comics[edit]

  • Famous First Edition #F-4 (November 1974 reprint of Whiz Comics #2)
  • The Power of Shazam! #34 (January 1998 guest appearance in a Captain Marvel story)
  • Millennium Edition: Whiz Comics #2 (March 2000 reprint of Whiz Comics #2)

AC Comics[edit]

  • Don Winslow Troubleshooter #1 (1991 reprint from Whiz Comics #108)
  • Men of Mystery #30, 69-70 (2001, 2007 & 2008 reprints from Whiz Comics #152, Whiz Comics #51 & Whiz Comics #108, respectively)


  • Terry and the Pirates #2 (1998 reprint from Whiz Comics #131)