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Lance Workman's specialisms include biological psychology, clinical psychology, and evolutionary psychology.


He received an undergraduate degree in psychology and biology from Keele University and his doctorate from the University of Sussex.


His book written with Will Reader Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction, has been published through the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Europe including, a French edition.

Research includes his finding that British robins have regional dialects, a number of research articles on Seasonal Affective Disorder and various works on the cerebral lateralisation of emotion.

He is consultant editor for the journal Animal Behaviour and is on the editorial board for The Psychologist.


On 13 April 2014, he appeared at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, as "the expert interviewee", with comedian Richard Herring in the show Richard Herring's Meaning of Life with comedian Richard Herring, discussing "Good and Evil".[1]


Workman, L. and Reader, W. (2004) Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction. Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-0521716536.


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