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Lancer Publishers & Distributors is a publishing house founded in 1979 in India,[where?] specialising in military subjects.


On independence of India in 1947, most of the military literature available was from the western countries. The reason for this was that India had been under subjugation of the British for almost 200 years. The result was that almost all military training and analysis of military threats was taken from a foreign military analysis.

In 1979, a young military officer, Captain Bharat Verma, decided to create the first dedicated military publishing house called Lancer, with the aim to encourage Indian military officers to contribute military literature from an Indian viewpoint. Lancer pioneered this movement in the private sector and created enormous Indian military literature post-independence for the first time. This further resulted in Lancer creating a journal Indian Defence Review in 1986 to provide an independent and in-depth discussion on strategic affairs affecting Indian security.

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