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Lancia D50
Ferrari D50
D50 003.jpg
Alberto Ascari in the Lancia D50 in 1954
Category Formula One
Constructor Lancia
Designer(s) Vittorio Jano
Technical specifications
Chassis Tubular spaceframe, with stressed engine.[1]
Suspension (front) Unequal length, tubular double wishbone, with transverse leaf spring and inboard dampers.[2]
Suspension (rear) De Dion tube, with transverse leaf spring and inboard dampers.[2]
Axle track F: 1,294 mm (50.9 in)
R: 1,330 mm (52.4 in)
Wheelbase 2,280 mm (89.8 in)
Engine Lancia DS50 2,488 cc (152 cu in) 90° V8. Naturally aspirated, front-mounted.
1954: 260 bhp (194 kW).[2]
1955/6: 285 bhp (213 kW).[3]
Transmission Lancia 5-speed manual transaxle.
Weight 620 kg (1,367 lb)
Fuel gasoline
Tyres Pirelli/Englebert
Competition history
Notable entrants Scuderia Lancia
Scuderia Ferrari
Notable drivers Italy Alberto Ascari
Italy Luigi Villoresi
Italy Eugenio Castellotti
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Italy Luigi Musso
United Kingdom Peter Collins
Spain Alfonso de Portago
Debut 1954 Spanish Grand Prix
Races Wins Poles F.Laps
14 [4]
Lancia: 4
Ferrari: 10
5 [4]
8 [4]
5 [4]
Drivers' Championships 1 (1956: Fangio)
n.b. Unless otherwise stated, all data refer to
Formula One World Championship Grands Prix only.

The Lancia D50 was a Formula One racing car designed by Vittorio Jano for Lancia in 1954. The car's design made use of many innovative features, such as the use of the engine as a stressed chassis member, the off-centre positioning of the engine to allow a lower overall height, and pannier fuel cells for better weight distribution and aerodynamics.[3] Six of the cars were built, two of them are displayed in Italian museums.[5]


The Jano designed V-8 in the D50

The D50 made its race debut toward the end of the 1954 Formula One season in the hands of two-time and reigning World Champion, Italian driver Alberto Ascari. In its very first event Ascari took both pole position in qualifying and fastest race lap, although his car's clutch failed after only ten laps.[4] Following Ascari's death, and in increasing financial trouble, the Lancia family sold their controlling share in the Lancia company, and the assets of Scuderia Lancia were given to Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari continued to develop the car, although they removed many of Jano's most innovative designs,[1] and the car was rebadged as the Lancia-Ferrari D50 and later simply the Ferrari D50. Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1956 World Championship of Drivers with this car modified by Ferrari.[5] During their competition lifespan D50s were entered into 14 World Championship Formula One Grands Prix, winning five.

Ferrari 801[edit]

The D50s lived on into the 1957 season, much modified as the Ferrari 801 however were largely uncompetitive against the latest generation of Maserati 250Fs.[6]

Complete Formula One World Championship results[edit]

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position, results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Designation Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1954 Lancia D50 Lancia DS50 2.5 V8 P ARG 500 BEL FRA GBR GER SWI ITA ESP
Alberto Ascari Ret
Luigi Villoresi Ret
1955 Lancia D50 Lancia DS50 2.5 V8 P ARG MON 500 BEL NED GBR ITA
Italy Alberto Ascari Ret Ret
Italy Luigi Villoresi Ret1 5
Italy Eugenio Castellotti Ret1 2 Ret
Monaco Louis Chiron 6
Ferrari D50 E Italy Giuseppe Farina DNS
Italy Eugenio Castellotti DNS
1956 Ferrari D50 Ferrari DS50 2.5 V8 P


Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio 11/
21/41 Ret 4 1 1 21/81
Italy Eugenio Castellotti Ret 41/
Ret 2 101 Ret1
Italy Luigi Musso 11 Ret Ret1 Ret
United Kingdom Peter Collins 21 1 1 21/
Belgium Olivier Gendebien Ret DNA
Belgium Paul Frère 2
Belgium André Pilette 6
Spain Alfonso de Portago Ret 21/
Ret1 Ret
Germany Wolfgang von Trips DNS
1957 Ferrari D50
Ferrari D50A
Ferrari DS50 2.5 V8 P


United Kingdom Peter Collins 61/
Italy Luigi Musso Ret
Italy Eugenio Castellotti Ret
United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn Ret Ret
Germany Wolfgang von Trips 61
Italy Cesare Perdisa 61
Spain Alfonso de Portago 51
Argentina José Froilán González 51
France Maurice Trintignant 5

1 Shared drive


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