Land Battle of Vella Lavella

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Battle of Vella Lavella
Part of the Pacific Theater of World War II
NZ 3rd Division (USMC photo).jpg
New Zealand soldiers land at Baka Baka, Vella Lavella to relieve the U.S. 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Division, on 17 September 1943.
Date 15 August – 9 October 1943
Location Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands
Result Allied victory
 United States
 New Zealand
United Kingdom Colony of Fiji
 Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Theodore S. Wilkinson
Oscar Griswold
H. E. Barrowclough
9,588[1] 700[2]
Casualties and losses
150 killed[3] 200 killed[4]

Coordinates: 7°44′S 156°38′E / 7.733°S 156.633°E / -7.733; 156.633 The Battle of Vella Lavella was fought from 15 August – 9 October 1943 between Japan and the Allied forces from New Zealand and the United States. Vella Lavella is an island located in the Solomon Islands that had been occupied by Japanese forces. The Allies successfully recaptured the island. Barakoma Airfield on Vella Lavella was later the homebase of VMF-214 "Blacksheep" and its CO Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.


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