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Land Rover DC100
Land Rover DC100 Sport
Land Rover DC100 (front quarter).jpg
Body and chassis
Classconcept car
Body style2-door Compact Off-road Concept Vehicle
LayoutFront engine, four-wheel drive
Engine2.0L I-4 Diesel, 2.0 Litre I-4 Petrol
Transmission8-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,540 mm (100 in)
Length4,300 mm (169.3 in)
Width2,057 mm (81.0 in)
Height1,829 mm (72.0 in)

The Land Rover DC100 (Defender Concept 100") is an off-road concept vehicle from Land Rover originally intended to demonstrate what the vehicle that will replace the long-running Defender in 2015 will look like. The DC100 was first unveiled to the public in September 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.[1]


Land Rover announced two versions at Frankfurt, a three-door estate off road car powered by a diesel engine and a more leisure orientated two-door sport version with no roof powered by a petrol engine. .[2]

The design was led by Gerry McGovern, director of design for Land Rover.[3]

Land Rover DC100- Rear view
Land Rover DC100 Sport- Front view


Land Rover’s brand director, John Edwards, revealed to Autocar that he was "massively encouraged" by the reaction to the DC100, and by the fact that people thought they were looking at a £45,000 vehicle. "It’s £20,000 to £25,000 in reality," he said.[4]

The new entry-level model would be part of what Land Rover internally refers to as its leisure-oriented range, the others being utility (Defender) and luxury (Range Rovers, including the Evoque).


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