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The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales is a Court established by legislation giving it exclusive jurisdiction to determine environmental, development, building and planning disputes. It was set up under the Land and Environment Court Act 1979 (NSW) to provide specialist knowledge in the matters relating to the environment and planning laws in New South Wales.

It has the power to review certain administrative decisions, enforce civil rights relating to planning, or to impose penalties for certain breaches of environmental law.


The Court was established on 14 April 1980 as the world's first environmental court that was also a superior court of record.

Structure and Jurisdiction[edit]

The Court is a superior court of record. It consists of a Chief Judge, severals Judges, and Commissioners.

An appeal may lie to the Court of Appeal (being a division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales) or to the Court of Criminal Appeal of New South Wales, depending on the nature of case.

Appeals on constitutional issues may lie to the High Court of Australia in certain circumstances.

Chief Judges[edit]

Current Judges[edit]

  • The Honourable Justice Malcolm Craig
  • The Honourable Justice Rachel Pepper
  • The Honourable Justice Nicola Pain
  • The Honourable Justice Peter Biscoe
  • The Honourable Justice Terry Sheahan

Former Judges[edit]

  • The Honourable Justice Paul Stein
  • The Honourable Justice Neal Bignold
  • The Honourable Justice Angus Talbot - 1992 to 2007
  • The Honourable Justice David Lloyd
  • The Honourable Justice Jayne Jagot


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