Land of Canaan (film)

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Land of Canaan
Land of Canaan.jpg
Official Theatrical Poster
Directed byReginald LaFrance
Produced byJefferson Richard
Joycelyn Engle
Reginald LaFrance
Mike McCartney
Written byMichael Sweeney
Reginald LaFrance
Mike McCartney
StarringNeve Campbell
Robert Englund
Christina Applegate
CinematographyKeith Holland
Echoman Entertainment
TorchLight Entertainment
Distributed byMonte Cristo International
CountryUnited States

Land of Canaan was a mystery-thriller film that was to be directed by Reginald LaFrance, and was to star Christina Applegate, Robert Englund, Juliet Landau and Neve Campbell.[1] The film was never made according to actor Robert Englund.[2]


The film is about a detective's hunt for a killer and the love affair that goes along with it.



It was to be the film directorial debut of LaFrance, whose previous directing work has involved MTV's Real World series. The film is about a murder in the Goldfield Hotel, based on a true story.[3]


The Official Land of Canaan movie poster was designed by Dominic Phelps of Dom1ne Visuals.[4]


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