Land of the Midnight Fun

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Land of the Midnight Fun
Merrie Melodies series
Directed by Tex Avery
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Henry Binder
Story by Melvin Millar
Voices by Mel Blanc
Robert C. Bruce
Sara Berner
Tex Avery
Music by Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn
Animation by Charles McKimson
Virgil Ross
Distributed by Warner Bros.
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date(s) 1939
Color process Technicolor
Language English

Land of the Midnight Fun is a Merrie Melodies cartoon directed in 1939 by Tex Avery. Robert C. Bruce narrates this cartoon and Melvin Millar wrote the story. It is one of a series of cartoons which poke fun at the travelogue shorts used during this era to highlight nature and travels the ordinary citizen might not be able to enjoy.


A cruise to Nome, Alaska, starts with various cruise ship jokes: the ship pulls out of the harbor like a car, raising anchor also raises the front of the boat, the ship follows the coast by curving around it. On arrival, we see some local scenes: A penguin eats two fish, then is eaten by the third; the dogs of a dog sled stop (behind an iceberg) at a telephone pole; a timber wolf goes around shouting "Timber!" (even the wolf admits, "Gee, this is silly!"); two Eskimos rub noses: in preparation, the woman applies lipstick to her nose. Finally, an Eskimo nightclub (after all, the nights are six months long) features a rotoscoped ice skater. The ship leaves, and gets caught in the fog near New York; when the fog clears, we see the ship is perched atop the World's Fair Trylon.

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