Cacongo (municipality)

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Ponta de Lândana Lighthouse
Cacongo (municipality) is located in Angola
Cacongo (municipality)
Location Ponta de Lândana
Coordinates 5°14′30″S 12°08′00″E / 5.241667°S 12.133472°E / -5.241667; 12.133472
Year first constructed ~1950s[1]
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape square prism tower
Markings / pattern white tower
Height 8.8 metres (29 ft)[2]
Focal height 60 metres (200 ft)[2]
Range 9 nautical miles (17 km; 10 mi)[2]
Characteristic Oc W 5s. [2]
Admiralty number D4326[2]
NGA number 25492[2]
ARLHS number ANO-025)[1]
Managing agent Instituto Marítimo e Portuário de Angola

Cacongo[3] (ex-Lândana,[4] Concelho de Cacongo,[5] Malemba,[6] or Molembo[7]) is a municipality in Cabinda Province, an exclave of Angola. Its principal town is Cacongo. Landana lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to Landana Bay. The municipality covers 1,732 and had a population of 36,778 at the 2014 Census.


At the time of the arrival of the Portuguese in the 15th Century it was populated by the Kongo people and was the major portion of the Kingdom of Kakongo.[8]

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Coordinates: 5°13′24″S 12°08′38″E / 5.22343°S 12.1439°E / -5.22343; 12.1439