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Origin Sweden
Genres Progressive rock, Art rock
Years active 1992–?
  • Patric Helje (vocals)
  • Reine Fiske (guitars)
  • Stefan Dimle (bass)
  • Simon Nordberg (keyboards)
  • Jonas Lidholm (drums)

Landberk was a Swedish prog/art rock band, characterized by the dark, sombre tone of their music. They were notable for their utilisation of the mellotron, which was as important as the guitar in their melodies. They have also recorded a cover version of No More White Horses, a song by Please, an almost forgotten psychedelic rock band of the 1960s.


Studio albums[edit]

  1. Riktigt Äkta, 1992
  2. Lonely Land (English version of Riktigt Äkta), 1992
  3. One Man Tell's Another, 1994
  4. Indian Summer, 1996

Live recordings[edit]

  1. Unaffected, 1995

Singles and promotional recordings[edit]

  1. Jag Är Tiden, 1994
  2. Dream Dance, 1995

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