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The Landel Mailbug is a portable email terminal created and developed by Landel Inc.

The device has a full-size QWERTY keyboard and a 6-line by 79-column text-only LCD display. It connects to a standard POTS telephone line and checks for new incoming mail or delivers outgoing mail by periodically calling into Landel's proprietary service.

In addition to email, the device can display and store Caller ID, and act as an electronic telephone book and autodialer.

Mailbug is an embedded system, not a computer, and has no ability to display non-text e-mail attachments, such as spreadsheets or images (although it does attempt to extract the text from PDF attachments). As a result, it is thought to be completely immune to traditional computer viruses.

Mailbug is primarily marketed towards people who do not want or need a computer, especially seniors.

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