Landesliga Bremen

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Landesliga Bremen
Map of Germany with the location of Bremen highlighted
Country  Germany
State  Bremen
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid Level 6
Promotion to Oberliga Bremen
Relegation to Bezirksliga Bremen
Current champions FC Oberneuland

The Landesliga Bremen is the sixth tier of the German football league system and the second-highest league in the German state of Bremen, below the Oberliga Bremen.


The Landesliga Bremen is the second-highest level of play in Bremen. Traditionally, the league is set below the Verbandsliga Bremen. With the Oberliga Nord being dissolved in 2008, the Verbandsliga was renamed Oberliga Bremen. This however did not change anything in regards of the Landesliga.

Of the German tier-six leagues, the Landesliga Bremen, like its association, the Bremen FA, is unique as it covers the smallest region[1] and has no league parallel to itself, being the only league at this level in the state.

The league champion, together with the runners-up, is directly promoted to the Oberliga.

Below it sits the tier-seven league, the: Bezirksliga Bremen.

Recent winners of the Landesliga Bremen[edit]

Season Champions Runners-up Table
2002–03 Birkumer SV GSV Hippokrates Final table
2003–04 1. FC Burg Luessumer TV Final table
2004–05 Blumenthaler SV Tura Bremen Final table
2005–06 FC Bremerhaven II TSV Osterholz-Tenever Final table
2006–07 TSV Wulsdorf VfL 07 Bremen Final table
2007–08 TuS Schwachhausen SV Türkspor Bremen Final table
2008–09 FC Oberneuland II SV Grohn Final table
2009–10 SC Weyhe 1. FC Burg Final table
2010–11 Union 60 Bremen TS Woltmershausen Final table
2011–12 OT Bremen KSV Vatan Sport Bremen Final table
2012–13 SV Grohn VfL 07 Bremen Final table
2013–14 TSV Grolland Leher TS Final table
2014–15 Bremer TS Neustadt ESC Geestemünde Final table
2015–16 FC Oberneuland TSV Melchiorshausen Final table


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