Landesliga Mittelrhein

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Landesliga Mittelrhein
Landesliga Mittelrhein
StateNorth Rhine-Westphalia
RegionMiddle Rhine
ConfederationFootball Association of the Middle Rhine
Number of teams32
Level on pyramidLevel 6
Promotion toOberliga Mittelrhein
Relegation toBezirksliga Mittelrhein
(4 divisions)
Current championsGroup 1: SV Deutz 05
Group 2: GFC Düren 99

The Landesliga Mittelrhein is the second highest amateur football league in the region of Middle Rhine which is part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and since 2012 the sixth tier of the German football league system. It operates in two groups which run parallel below the Oberliga Mittelrhein. Until the introduction of the 3. Liga in 2008 it was the sixth tier of the league system; until the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 the fifth tier.


The league was founded in 1946 as the Rheinbezirksliga (Rhine District League), the highest division for the area covered by the Middle Rhine football association. A year later another division was added. In 1949 it became a second tier to the 2. Oberliga West. In 1956 it was demoted to the third tier after Verbandsliga Mittelrhein was founded. The league still remained as feeder to the Verbandsliga with the replacement of the 2. Oberliga West by the old Regionalliga West in 1963. In turn the Regionalliga was replaced by 2. Bundesliga Nord in 1974. In 1978 it was slipped to the fourth tier under the Oberliga Nordrhein, in 1994 it was the fifth under the current Regionalliga West, and in 2008 it was the sixth under the NRW-Liga which took over after Oberliga was abolished.

In the German football league system, the Landesliga was first established as second-rate below the Oberliga West and was later slipped five times down to the seventh level by the introduction of the aforementioned higher leagues. Since the league structural reform of 2012 and the related dissolution of the NRW-Liga in favor of the Oberliga Mittelrhein, however, the league moved up from the seventh to the sixth level.


The Landesliga Mittelrhein consists of eastern and western groups of 16 clubs each. The exact number of teams is carried out every year on a geographical basis.

The champions of each group are promoted to the Oberliga Mittelrhein, provided they are not reserve teams of senior clubs or are financially sound. Should a winner or both winners be deemed ineligible or refuse promotion, the next best-placed teams in their groups will be promoted. The number of promotions to the Oberliga depend on the number of relegations and promotions in that league. Teams ranked 13th (or 14th) and below are relegated to their respective Bezirksliga and are replaced by the champions and runners-up from each Bezirksliga. A reserve team is also relegated if its senior team drops down to the Landesliga.

League champions[edit]

The top two in the inaugural season:[1]

Season Champion Runner-up
1947 VfR Köln Alemannia Aachen

The league champions of the two divisions since 1948:[1]

Season Division
1 2
1948 1. FC Köln Rhenania Würselen
1949 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1. FC Köln
1950 SG Düren 99 Single division season
1951 SSV Troisdorf 05 SV Baesweiler 09
1952 Tura Bonn Viktoria Alsdorf
1953 SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 SpVg Frechen 20
1954 SC Rapid Köln SV Baesweiler 09
1955 SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 Stolberger SV
1956 SSV Troisdorf 05 SV Bergisch Gladbach 09
1957 Bonner FV 01 SV Baesweiler 09
1958 Siegburger SV 04 Alemannia Mariadorf
1959 TuRa Bonn VfR Übach-Palenberg
1960 TuRa Hennef Alemannia Aachen Am.
1961 SV Schlebusch SpVg Frechen 20
1962 BC Efferen 1. FC Köln Am.
1963 VfL Leverkusen Viktoria Alsdorf
1964 VfL Köln 99 Alemannia Aachen Am.
1965 SC Fortuna Köln SV Baesweiler 09
1966 SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 Borussia Brand
1967 TuS Höhenhaus SC Jülich
1968 CfB Ford Niehl Oberbrucher BC 09
1969 1. FC Spich Alemannia Mariadorf
1970 TuS Lindlar Borussia Hückelhoven
1971 SpVg Frechen 20 Viktoria Alsdorf
1972 SC Köln-Mülheim Nord SV Baesweiler 09'
1973 Siegburger SV 04 TuS 08 Langerwehe
1974 Godesberg 08 Westwacht Aachen
1975 TuS Lindlar SG Düren 99
1976 FC Alter Markt Köln Borussia Brand
1977 FV Bad Honnef Blau-Weiß Niederembt
1978 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Am. Rhenania Richterich
1979 SpVg Frechen 20 Eschweiler SG
1980 Germania Zündorf Alemannia Aachen Am.
1981 1. FC Köln Am. FC Niederau
1982 SC Schwarz-Weiß Köln Gürzenicher FC 09
1983 SpVgg Oberaußem-Fortuna TSC Euskirchen
Season Division
1 2
1984 TuS Lindlar TuS Chlodwig Zülpich
1985 SC Viktoria Köln II VfR Übach-Palenberg
1986 SSG Bergisch Gladbach Gürzenicher FC 09
1987 SC Brück SC Erkelenz 09
1988 VfL Rheinbach SpVgg Oberaußem-Fortuna
1989 TuS Marialinden SC Erkelenz 09
1990 SpVg Frechen 20 Westwacht Aachen
1991 FC Pesch SV Baesweiler 09
1992 SSV Marienheide Borussia Freialdenhoven
1993 DJK Winfriedia Mülheim Gürzenicher FC 09
1994 TuS Höhenhaus Alemannia Aachen II
1995 SSG Bergisch Gladbach SpVgg Oberaußem-Fortuna
1996 Siegburger SV 04 Kohlscheider BC
1997 SpVg Frechen 20 SSV Körrenzig
1998 SSV Eintracht Köln TuS Schmidt
1999 SC West Köln Eschweiler SG
2000 PSI Yurdumspor Köln Alemannia Aachen Am.
2001 Germania Dattenfeld Gürzenicher FC 09
2002 Blau-Weiß Brühl Germania Lich-Steinstraß
2003 VfL Leverkusen FC Wegberg-Beeck
2004 Sportfreunde Troisdorf Germania Teveren
2005 BC Berrenrath Westwacht Aachen
2006 Spvg Wesseling-Urfeld Rhenania Eschweiler
2007 FC Hennef 05 Kaller SC
2008 SC Renault Brühl Germania Teveren
2009 SV Wachtberg Viktoria Arnoldsweiler
2010 VfL Alfter SV Rott
2011 Sportfreunde Troisdorf TSV Hertha Walheim
2012 SG Köln-Worringen FC Erftstadt
2013 Bonner SC SV Nierfeld
2014 FC Hürth FC Bergheim 2000
2015 DJK BW Friesdorf Spvg Wesseling-Urfeld
2016 Siegburger SV 04 Hilal Bergheim
2017 SSV Merten SV Breinig
2018 SV Deutz 05 GFC Düren 99
  • Note: No teams were promoted from 1951 to 1955.


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