Landfall (journal)

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Frequency Biannual
Publisher Otago University Press
Year founded 1947
Country New Zealand
Based in Dunedin
Language English

Landfall is New Zealand's oldest extant literary magazine. One predecessor was another Caxton Press magazine, the irregularly published Book, edited by Anton Vogt.[1] Denis Glover, of Caxton Press, visited Charles Brasch in London while on leaving during World War II, and it was then the two "discussed the idea for a new, professionally produced literary journal in New Zealand".[2]

The magazine was established in 1947[3] an published by Caxton Press, with Brasch as the editor-in-chief. The magazine features new fiction and poetry, biographical and critical essays, cultural commentary, and reviews of books, art, film, drama, and dance.

The magazine is published biannually by the Otago University Press. As of 2006, it consists of a paperback publication of about 200 pages. A website version of the journal publishes new literary reviews monthly.

Brasch remained editor until 1966 when he was succeeded by Robin Dudding (1966-1972, issues 81-101).[4] Since 2010 it is edited by David Eggleton.[5][6]

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