List of rulers of Thuringia

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This is a list of the rulers of Thuringia, an historical and political region of Central Germany.

Kings of Thuringia[edit]

See also: Thuringii
Conquered by the Franks.

Frankish dukes of Thuringia[edit]

Main article: Duchy of Thuringia
Merovingian dukes
Carolingian dukes

Margraves of Thuringia[edit]

  • 1046-1062 William IV, grandson, Margrave of Meissen
  • 1062-1067 Otto, brother, Margrave of Meissen
  • 1067-1090 Egbert II, son-in-law, Count of Brunswick from the Brunonen dynasty, killed in 1090, line extinct

Landgraves of Thuringia[edit]



Coat of arms of Landgrave Albert, 1265

House of Wettin[edit]

The Ludovingian coat of arms, shown as the coat of arms of the landgraves of both Hesse and Thüringen in the Ingeram Codex of 1459.