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Landing is an American indie rock outfit from Connecticut, United States. Terms used to describe the music created by Aaron Snow and Adrienne Snow include ambient, shoegaze, slowcore, and space rock. Past members have included Dick Baldwin (guitar, bass) and Peter Baumann (not the same musician who was once a member of Tangerine Dream). The most current line up features Daron Gardner (bass) and John Miller (drums, guitar).

Originally named May Landing as a duo, the group changed the name to Landing in 1998 with the additions of Dick Baldwin (guitar, bass), Daron Gardner (bass, drums).

Landing returned June 2012 with the release of their eighth LP and first LP on Geographic North, entitled Landing. The nine songs were written and recorded over the six-year hiatus following Gravitational IV. "Heart Finds the Beat" was the first single released off the album.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Circuit - (Music Fellowship, 07/2001)
  • Oceanless - (Strange Attractors, 11/2001)
  • Seasons - (Ba Da Bing!, 05/2002)
  • Passages Through - (K Records, 06/2003)
  • Sphere - (K Records, 09/2004)
  • Brocade - (Strange Attractors, 11/2005)
  • Gravitational IV - (Equation Records, 11/2006)
  • Landing - (Geographic North Records,[1] 06/2012)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • Centrefuge (EP) - (Music Fellowship, 03/1999)
  • "Bjorn Whiskey 34" (w/ "Printed Circuit") (Jonathon Whiskey, 2001)
  • Windy & Carl Split EP - (Music Fellowship, 06/2001)
  • Tour EP 2002 - (Vast Arc Hues, 06/2002)
  • "Fade In / Fade Out" - (Strange Attractors, 10/2002)
  • "New Found Land" (w/ "Rothko, Yellow6") - (Music Fellowship, 01/2003)
  • "Into the Hall" 7" - (Geographic North Records,[2] You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 5 10/2009)


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