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The Landmark Legal Foundation is a conservative non-profit 501(c)3 legal advocacy group, with a $1 million annual budget.[1] The President is Mark Levin. Through litigation and direct interfacing with government agencies, it advances a platform of limited government.[2] Landmark has litigated a number of cases up to and before the US Supreme Court.


Landmark was founded in 1976 as an offshoot of The National Legal Center for the Public Interest with its focus on protecting individual rights, challenging the scope and authority of government, defending free enterprise, and exposing teachers' union fraud.[3] Landmark has made efforts to scale back funding for non-profits which it holds to be political in nature but list no political expenditures on tax forms. The National Education Association has often been the subject of complaints to the IRS made by Landmark Legal. Throughout its history Landmark Legal Foundation has filed lawsuits against labor unions and has fought for legislation that would allow parents to direct public education funding toward their children's private schools, homeschooling, or school of choice.

Supreme Court of Arizona Justice Clint Bolick has worked for the foundation.[4]

In 2007 the Landmark Legal Foundation nominated commentator Rush Limbaugh, who sits as an unpaid member of its advisory board, for a Nobel Peace Prize.[5]


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