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The Landrat of Uri is the legislature of the canton of Uri, in Switzerland. Uri has a unicameral legislature. The Cantonal Council has 64 seats, with members elected every four years. After the 2012 election, one of the seats remained vacant with a second election on 15 April 2012 to fill it.[1]

In the last election, on 11 March 2012, saw the center maintain its dominance of the Landsrat. The Christian Democrats (CVP) lost one seat, but remained the largest party with 23. The Swiss People's Party lost four seats to become tied for second with the FDP.The Liberals who had gained two. Both parties held 14 seats. The retained 10 seats but dropped to the third largest. The Social Democratic Party (SP) and the Green Party are listed together in the canton. The combined SP/Green gained one seat and remained the fourth largest party with 11 total. The final seat was held by an unaffiliated candidate. The final seat will remain vacant until the 15 April 2012 second election.[1]

Distriction of seats after the 2012 election
e • d Summary of the 11 March 2012 Uri Landrat election results
Party Ideology Seats Seats ±
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 23 -1
FDP.The Liberals Classical liberalism 14 +2
Social Democratic Party/Green Party Social democracy/Green politics 11 +1
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 14 -4
Unaffiliated N/A 1 +1

Source: Canton of Uri