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Lands of Adventure is a role-playing game published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1983.


Lands of Adventure is a fantasy system designed for use in historical settings rather than fantasy worlds.[1] The emphasis is on human player characters, who advance by improving in their chosen skill areas.[1] Magic is divided into types that correspond to character abilities.[1] A priest must attract his deity's attention if he wants to perform a miracle.[1] The game includes a 32-page rulebook and a 28-page book that describes medieval Britain and mythical Greece.[1]

Lands of Adventure (1983) featured a system intended to run historical fantasy games.[2]:75

Publication history[edit]

Lands of Adventure was designed by Lee Gold, with a cover by Bill Willingham, and was published by Fantasy Games Unlimited as a boxed set with a 32-page book, a 28-page book, a sample character record sheet, and dice.[1]


William A. Barton reviewed Lands of Adventure in The Space Gamer No. 71.[3] Barton commented that "for its Culture Packs alone [...] Lands of Adventure might prove a good buy for any FRPGers who don't consider themselves experts on the specific cultures covered. As for the game itself, Lee Gold admits in the introduction that it isn't the perfect FRPG. But then, what is?"[3]



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