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Coat of arms
The fraternity house

The Landsmannschaft Schottland ("Scotland") is a German fraternity – not to be confused with the American variety – situated in Tübingen, a university city in south-western Germany. It is a brotherhood of students and alumni of Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, with membership being a lifelong commitment.

Schottland was founded on 19 November 1849. The name comes from an early meeting place of members, a pub called the "Schottei". Since 1905, Schottland resides in its fraternity house, a multi-storey mansion in the style of a Scottish castle, on the top of a hill overlooking Tübingen.

The members of Schottland commit themselves to the principles of tolerance and democracy as well as the tradition of "akademisches Fechten" (academic fencing), a variety of fencing. A "Band" (a type of ribbon or sash) in the colours blue-gold-red and the traditional student cap (in Tubingen-style) in blue are worn by members. The colours are derived from the old Scottish royal colours. Schottland is a member of an association of about 100 fraternities, that practice obligatory fencing and wear colours – the Coburger Convent.

The fraternity's slogan is "Amicitia honos virtus" (Latin for: "friendship - honour - virtue") and its motto is "Vera amicitia fructus virtutis!" (Latin for: "true friendship is the fruit of the virtuous").

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