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Landtag of Saarland
Coat of arms or logo
Klaus Meiser, CDU
Since 11 November 2015
Seats 51
Saarland Landtag 2012.svg
Political groups

     Government (37)

  •      CDU (19)
  •      SPD (18)

Opposition Parties

Last election
25 March 2012
Next election
26 March 2017
Meeting place
Landtag des Saarlandes.jpg
Landtag of Saarland

The Landtag of Saarland is the state diet of the German federal state of Saarland. It convenes in Saarbrücken and currently consists of 51 members of five parties. The current Minister-President of Saarland is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. After the collapse of the Jamaica Coalition between the CDU, FDP and The Greens in January 2012, the Saarland was governed by a minority government consisted solely of the Christian Democratic Union that held 19 seats, which was 7 seats short of a majority.[1] Following the state elections in March 2012, the CDU formed a grand coalition with the SPD.[2]

Current Composition[edit]

The 15th Landtag of Saarland convened on 24 April 2012.

Party Seats
Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 19
Social Democratic Party (SPD) 181
The Left (DIE LINKE) 81
Pirate Party (PIRATEN) 3
Alliance '90/The Greens (GRÜNE) 3

1. Pia Döring switched her party affiliation from The Left to SPD on 12 April 2012.

Elections are conducted using a proportional representation system, with a 5% threshold to receive seats.

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