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Landwasser Islen.jpg
The Landwasser on the Davoser plateau next to the RhB track between Davos Platz and Frauenkirch near In der Islen, looking downstream, sout-west.
Country Switzerland
Basin features
Main source Flüalabach, Davos Dorf, Graubünden, Switzerland
1,560 m (5,120 ft)
River mouth Albula (river) below Filisur
955 m (3,133 ft)
Progression south-west
Physical characteristics
Length 30.5 km (19.0 mi)

The Landwasser (German, lit.: water of/for the land) is a 30.5-kilometre (19.0 mi) river in Switzerland, canton of Graubünden. Its origin was Lake Davos before this was turned into a reservoir for a power station. Nowadays it is prolonged by the creek Flüelabach at its source and changes its name near Davos Dorf. Davos is the largest town and except for the last bit the only larger settlement on the river. Landwasser empties into the Albula below Filisur.

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Coordinates: 46°40′11″N 9°39′54″E / 46.66972°N 9.66500°E / 46.66972; 9.66500