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Lane Transit District
Lane Transit District logo.png
Located downtown, Eugene Station is a main hub for LTD buses.
Headquarters3500 East 17th Avenue, Eugene
Service areaLane County, Oregon
Service typebus service, bus rapid transit, guided bus, paratransit
Routes35 Regular bus routes and twobus rapid transit line
Fleet117 (FY 2011-2012)
Daily ridership30,000 to 45,000[1]
Fuel typeDiesel, Diesel/Hybrid, Electric
Chief executiveAurora "A.J." Jackson (General Manager)

The Lane Transit District (LTD) is a public agency that provides public transportation in Lane County, Oregon, United States. The transit district serves the Eugene and Springfield metropolitan areas, including the neighboring cities of Coburg, Junction City, Creswell, Cottage Grove, Veneta, and Lowell. LTD began service in 1970 with 18 buses and two vans, and today carries roughly 10.5 million customers annually with a fleet of 111 buses.[2] Many of LTD's riders are students; University of Oregon and Lane Community College students ride by simply showing their student I.D.[3][4] Student fees subsidize both programs, as well as limited late-night service until about 1 a.m.[5]

A board of directors, whose members are appointed by the Governor of Oregon, governs LTD. A combination of passenger fares, payroll taxes, and state and federal money fund the system.

According to LTD's Website,[6] LTD operates 111 buses, which includes both standard and low-floor buses, in length of 30-foot, 40-foot, and 60-foot (articulated buses[7]) for regular services. Among those 111 vehicles, 11 of those are the 60-foot BRT vehicles used for EmX service. All LTD buses are wheelchair-accessible,[8] since 1985.[9] The district currently operates 45 hybrid-electric buses.

EmX (Bus Rapid Transit in Eugene)[edit]

In addition to the fixed bus routes, LTD operates a bus rapid transit line from downtown Eugene to the Gateway area in north Springfield, via downtown Springfield. The BRT line, named the Emerald Express (EmX), began operations in January 2007. The first corridor connects downtown Eugene to downtown Springfield and runs primarily along Franklin Boulevard. A second EmX corridor, the Gateway EmX extension, began service in January 2011. The Gateway EmX extension connects downtown Springfield and the Gateway area in north Springfield. LTD chose bus rapid transit after a review process during which several transportation options, including light rail, were considered. It concluded that this was the best option for Eugene-Springfield's size and current transportation needs.

The West Eugene Extension is a 17-station extension of the existing EmX service west from its existing terminus at Eugene Station in downtown Eugene. The extension opened on September 17, 2017.[10][11] The addition added 4.4 miles to EmX's current line, while also adding a new bike lane, two new bike and pedestrian bridges, and 4.7 miles of new, wider sidewalks installed along West 6th, 7th, and 11th Avenues.[12]

Route list[edit]

(Information as of February 2012)

Number Name From To Intermediate stops/Via Notes
EmX Bus Rapid Transit Eugene Station Gateway Station Springfield Station, Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend Alternate clockwise and counter-clockwise loopings in Gateway/RiverBend area
1 Campbell Center Eugene Station Campbell Senior Center (2nd & Mill) Loop (Circular) (formerly named 1 Market District)
11 Thurston Springfield Station Thurston Station Thurston Road Springfield Station > Thurston Station > Thurston Road (between 58th and 69th avenues) > Thurston Station > Springfield Station
12 Gateway Eugene Station Gateway Loop Gateway Station Loop (Circular)
13 Centennial Eugene Station Olympic & 21st (WinCo), Springfield MLK JR Blvd., Autzen Stadium, Chase Village Loop (Circular)
17 5th Street/Hayden Bridge Springfield Station Mohawk Market Place Hayden Bridge Road Loop (Circular)
18 Mohawk Springfield Station Mohawk Market Place
(19th at Marcola)
G Street, McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, Olympic, Marcola Road Loop (Circular)
24 Donald Eugene Station Donald at Fox Hollow Willamette Street, Donald Street, South Eugene High School Loop (Circular)
27 Fairmount Eugene Station Orchard & Franklin South Eugene High School, Agate Street, Loop (Circular) at Augusta & 26th
Weekdays only
28 Hilyard Eugene Station West Amazon & Martin University of Oregon, South Eugene High School Loop (Circular)
33 Jefferson Eugene Station 28th Avenue Jefferson Street Mondays to Saturdays only
36 West 18th Ave Eugene Station West 11th & Terry West 18th, Bertelsen, West 11th
40 Echo Hollow Eugene Station Wagner & Cubit (WinCo) Eugene Amtrak station, West 5th, West 2nd, Four Corners, Willamette High School Loop (Circular)
41 Barger/Commerce Eugene Station Terry at Barger Highway 99, Barger, Seneca Station Rerouted in September 2017 so that it was no longer a loop; 41 Barger/West 11th Ave and 43 West 11th Ave/Barger renamed 41 Barger/Commerce; EmX line extension replaced service on West 11th west of Garfield and on 7th/6th east of Garfield; formerly named 41 Barger and 43 West 11th
51 Santa Clara Eugene Station Wilkes at River Road River Road Station, River Road Loop
52 Irving Eugene Station Irvington at Willowbrook River Road, River Road Station, Irving Loop
55 River Rd Connector River Road Station Park at River Road Emerald Park Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only
66 VRC/Coburg Rd Eugene Station Delta Oaks Shopping Center Country Club Road, Valley River Center (VRC), Goodpasture Island Road, Coburg Road, Sheldon Plaza, Oakway Center Loop (Circular)
One-way, clockwise loop from Eugene Center
67 Coburg Rd/VRC Eugene Station Delta Oaks Shopping Center Country Club Road, Valley River Center (VRC), Goodpasture Island Road, Coburg Road, Sheldon Plaza, Oakway Center Loop (Circular)
One-way, counter-clockwise loop from Eugene Center
73 UO/Willamette University of Oregon (South) Donald at Fox Hollow Amazon Station Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only
78 UO/Seneca Station University of Oregon (South) Seneca Station West 18th, Bailey Hill, Oakpatch Weekdays only
Does not operate during U of Oregon summber break
(renamed from UO/Oak Patch [before September 2010])
79X UO/Kinsrow University of Oregon Kinsrow MLK Jr Blvd.
EXPRESS SERVICE (no stops) between MLK Blvd. at Kinsrow and UO Station.
Loop (Circular)
Loop at Commons and Garden Way
Operates til 2am, Does not operate when UO is not in session and during UO Spring and Summer breaks.
Mondays to Saturdays only
81 LCC/Harris University of Oregon
Eugene Station (Weekdays evenings only)
Lane Community College (LCC) Mondays to Saturdays only
No service during LCC Summer breaks
82 LCC/Pearl Eugene Station Lane Community College (LCC) Amazon Station Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only
85 LCC/Springfield Springfield Station Lane Community College (LCC) Weekdays only
91 McKenzie Bridge Eugene Station McKenzie Bridge Ranger Station Thurston Station, Highway 126
92 Lowell/LCC Eugene Station Lowell (Lowell Park Marina) Lane Community College (LCC), Highway 58 Weekdays only
93 Veneta Eugene Station West Lane Shopping Center, Veneta Seneca Station, Highway 126 Mondays to Saturdays only; rerouted to replace Route 32 in September 2017; service on West 11th replaced by the EmX line extension
95 Junction City Eugene Station Junction City Highway 99N Loop (Circular)
Mondays to Saturdays only
96 Coburg Eugene Station Willamette at Dixon, Coburg Coburg Road Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only
98 Cottage Grove Eugene Station LCC Cottage Grove Campus Lane Community College (LCC) Main Campus, Creswell Loop (Circular)
Buses travel to LCC Main Campus on weekdays only

Former Routes[edit]

Number Name From To Intermediate stops/Via Notes
0[13] Breeze
2 UO
3X River Rd Express
4X Willow Creek Express
5X Willow Creek Express
7X International Way Express
8X Thurston Express
9 VRC/Gateway
10 Gateway/VRC
14 Fairview
15 42nd/Jasper Rd
17 Pioneer Plaza
19 Fairview Springfield Station Centennial & Rainbow, Springfield Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only (discontinued in 2014)
22 Crest Drive
23 Fox Hollow
24s Donald
25 Amazon
26C Willamette
29 Laurel Hill
30 Bertelsen
32 West 1st Ave Eugene Station West 6th & Bertelsen Seneca Station Peak hour one-direction only
Weekdays only (replaced by realigned Route 93 in September 2017)
34 UO/Bailey Hill
35 UO/City View
37 UO/West Eugene
38/39 Bailey Hill/City View Loop
42 West 8th Ave
43 West 11th Ave/Barger Eugene Station Terry at Barger Seneca Station, West 11th, Barger, Highway 99, West 8th Loop (Circular)
One-way, clockwise loop from Eugene Station to West Eugene; formerly named 43 West 11th Ave
50 Park
52x Irving Express
60 VRC/Oakway
60 Cal Young
61 Oakway/VRC
62 VRC/Goodpasture
62 VRC/Oakway Center
64 VRC
64 Sheldon Plaza/Gateway
65 Gateway/Sheldon Plaza
65s Gateway/Chad
68C Chad Dr
75x Sacred Heart
76 Mac Court
76 UO/Warren University of Oregon Warren at Wilshire Eugene Station, West 11th, Oakpatch Loop (Circular)
Weekdays only
(renamed from UO/Bailey Hill [September 2010],
UO/Westmoreland [before September 2010]; replaced by EmX and Route 78 in September 2017)
77 UO/Seneca Station
77 UO/Eugene Station
78 UO/Oakpatch
79 UO/Gateway
83 LCC/Willow Creek
95x Junction City Express
96x Coburg Express


  • 2015 New Flyer XDE60 EmX bus


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