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Lang is a surname of Germanic origin, closely related to Lange, Laing and Long, all of which mean "tall".

Independently of this, it is also a surname of Manchu-Chinese origin (Chinese: ; pinyin: Láng). In Qing dynasty China, the Niohuru family of Manchu origin sinicized and changed their family name to Lang (), which sounded like "wolf" (, also Láng) in Mandarin Chinese, since "wolf" in the Manchu language was niohuru.[1]





North American[edit]

  • Amanda Lang (born 1970), Canadian journalist
  • Andrew Lang, (born 1966), American basketball player
  • Annie Traquair Lang (1885–1918), American impressionist painter
  • Anton Lang (1913–1996), American natural scientist
  • Archie Lang, Canadian politician
  • Ben Lang (1870–1960), American politician
  • David Lang (1838–1917), Confederate States Army officer during the American Civil War
  • David Lang (born 1957), American composer, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • David Lang (1967–2005), football running back in the National Football League
  • Eddie Lang (1902–1933), American jazz guitarist
  • Eric M. Lang, Canadian game designer
  • Eugene Lang (1919–2017), American businessman and philanthropist
  • Glen Lang, American businessman and politician
  • Harold Lang (1920–1985), American ballet dancer
  • Herbert H. Lang (1921–2006), American historian
  • John Lang (1839–1921), political figure and farmer in Ontario
  • John Lang (1794–?), United States Navy sailor
  • John H. Lang (1899–1970), United States Navy officer
  • Jonny Lang (born 1981), American blues guitarist
  • Kara Lang (born 1986), Canadian female soccer player
  • Katherine Kelly Lang (born 1961), American actress
  • k.d. lang (born 1961), Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Kris Lang (born 1979), American basketball player
  • Lex Lang (born 1965), American voice actor
  • Lucy Robins Lang (1884 - 1962), American labor activist
  • Margie Lang (1924–2007), All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Martin Lang (born 1949), American Olympic fencer
  • Michelle Lang (1975–2009), Canadian journalist
  • Otto Lang (born 1932), Canadian politician
  • Pearl Lang (1921–2009), American dancer and choreographer
  • Perry Lang (born 1959), American director, writer, and actor
  • Robert J. Lang (born 1961), American origami artist and theorist
  • Stephen Lang (born 1952), American film and theater actor
  • Steve Lang (1949–2017), Canadian rock bassist
  • Will Lang Jr. (1914–1968), American journalist
  • W. Patrick Lang (born 1940), United States Army officer

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  1. ^ Edward J. M. Rhoads (2001). Manchus & Han: ethnic relations and political power in late Qing and early republican China, 1861-1928 (reprint, illustrated ed.). University of Washington Press. p. 56. ISBN 9780295804125. and when the ancient and politically prominent Manchu lineage of Niohuru adopted the Han-style surname Lang, he ridiculed them for having "forgotten their roots." (The Niohuru, whose name was derived from niohe, Manchu for wolf," had chosen Lang as their surname because it was a homophone for the Chinese word for "wolf.")