Lang Stane of Auquhollie

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The Lang Stane

The Lang Stane of Auquhollie is an Ogam-inscribed standing stone some 6 kilometres north-west of Stonehaven in Scotland. Situated on south side of Meikle Carew Hill at a height of about 140 metres above sea level, the stone is approximately 3 metres in height and 0.75 metres in diameter, an unshaped monolith of gneiss.

"Discovery and context"[edit]

Due to the size of the stone it is thought unlikely that it has been moved far, if it has been moved at all, from the spot at which it originally stood. 1886 Ogam noticed.

In the parish of Fetteresso: lots of stuff, Neolithic, Roman and whatever.

"Early studies" : Upload ogham PIC from CISP as it is PD-scan

"Recent study"[edit]


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Coordinates: 57°00′19″N 2°17′23″W / 57.00532°N 2.28974°W / 57.00532; -2.28974