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Langcha, ল্যাংচা
Langcha - Saktigarh 2014-06-29 5581.JPG
Course Dessert
Region or state West Bengal
Main ingredients Khoa, sweetened cottage cheese, flours, sugar
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Langcha (Bengali: ল্যাংচা) is a Bengali sweetmeat that originates from Saktigarh in the Bardhaman of West Bengal, India.[1][2] Langcha is made of sweetened cottage cheese (chhena), khoa (reduced solidified milk), and flours of different cereals. It is a fried oval shaped sweetmeat dipped in sugar syrup. Cottage cheese is an ingredient common to a variety of sweetmeat produced in Bengal.[3]

Langcha is available in many other places. Langcha of the village Simultala in Jharkhand district of India is also famous. Langcha from Nabadwip, West Bengal in India are of top quality. Langcha of Tarapith region in Birbhum district are very large in size.


Langcha is also called as sweetmeat of Bengal . Lady Kenny popularly called Langcha differs from Pantuwa and is stuffed with raisin and coated in castor sucre .[4] With such a big range of foods, Kolkata is truly raj for food lovers and travelling public .[5] This sweet owes its origin to the Krishnanagar district of West Bengal and is a warm favorite during the festive season of Durga Puja .[6] This delight has its origins from the Bangladesh boundaries of Bengal.


Famous Fried Paneer Based Bengali Sweet Langcha is a Bengali sweetmeat that originates from Saktigarh in the Bardhaman of West Bengal, India .[7] A Saktigarh-based Indian confectioner named Hemchandra Ghosh (Bengali: হেমচন্দ্র ঘোষ) invented Langcha according to the local elderly people of Saktigarh. When National Highway 2 (Durgapur Expressway Segment) was expanding due to Golden Quadrilateral project, most of the Saktigarh town and its roadside Langcha shops were destroyed. When local people of Saktigarh opposed the expansion to prevent destruction of property, a bypass way was created. As a result, Saktigarh road segment of National Highway 2 loose its value. Most of the Langcha shops at that time were rehabilitated to nearby Amrah village where bypass was created and at present where the State and tourist buses stop. Langcha a sweet meat—in popular parlance was established by the erstwhile craftsmen of Shaktigarh in Burdwan .[8] What makes this dessert special is that it 's available only in the winter season since Nolen Gur and Kanakchur Khoi exist only during November to January . To a layman it seems as a bowl of sweet white rice accompanied with thumbnail gulab jaamun pieces, but there's more than what meets the eyes.