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Langekare is a small, uninhabited Baltic Sea island belonging to the country of Estonia. Its coordinates are 58°48′21″N 23°09′03″E / 58.80583°N 23.15083°E / 58.80583; 23.15083 [1]

Langekare is a 1.2 hectare island lying off the eastern coast off the larger Estonian island of Hiiumaa and is administered by Pühalepa Parish, Hiiu County. Along with a number of other small islands and islets, it makes up the Hiiumaa Islets Landscape Reserve (Estonian: Hiiumaa laidude kaitseala). It is the only island of the reserve being a limestone-based island, the rest of the islands being moraine-based.[2]

Langekare is also part of the World Commission on Protected Areas.[3]


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