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View of Langenuen, seen from Selbjørnsfjorden
Langenuen is located in Hordaland
Location in Hordaland county
LocationHordaland county, Norway
Coordinates60°00′37″N 5°19′14″E / 60.0102°N 5.3205°E / 60.0102; 5.3205Coordinates: 60°00′37″N 5°19′14″E / 60.0102°N 5.3205°E / 60.0102; 5.3205
Primary inflowsBjørnafjorden
Primary outflowsHardangerfjorden
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length40 kilometres (25 mi)
Max. width1 to 4 km (0.62 to 2.49 mi)

Langenuen is a strait in Hordaland county, Norway. The 40-kilometre (25 mi) strait runs between the islands of Stord and Huftarøy on the west, and Tysnesøy and Reksteren on the east. The strait ranges from 1 to 4 kilometres (0.62 to 2.49 mi) wide, and it forms the municipal boundaries between the municipalities of Austevoll, Tysnes, Fitjar, and Stord.[1][2]


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