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Langeskov is a town in central Denmark with a population of 4,007 (1 January 2014),[1] located in Kerteminde municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the island of Funen.

The town of Langeskov is primarily located in Rønninge parish and was established following the construction of the railway line between Odense and Nyborg in the 19th century. The town has grown rapidly and its northern part now crosses the old parish border and extends into the parish of Birkende. Until 1 January 2007, it was home of the municipal council of the now former Langeskov municipality.

Langeskov has a model of Preikestolen to commemorate its twin town, Forsand.

Table: Population of Langeskov[2]

Year Population
2006 3,809
2007 3,893
2008 3,972
2009 4,065
2010 4,003
2011 4,023
2012 3,972

Notable people

  • Lars Arendt-Nielsen (born 1958 in Langeskov) a professor at Aalborg University, specialising in translational pain research

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Coordinates: 55°21′24.32″N 10°35′10.17″E / 55.3567556°N 10.5861583°E / 55.3567556; 10.5861583