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Langah (Urdu لنگاہ or لنگھا, लंघा Devanagari) tribe has several theories in regards to their origin. According to James Todd, an earlier British authority, the Langah are a clan of Solanki Rajputs, who inhabited Multan and Jaisalmer, and were driven out by the Bhattis. Although, we certainly find no reference of a tradition of Solanki descent among the Langah. It therefore likely, the Langah were migrants from Sibi, although whether they were Pashtun is detainable. It is quite possible, that they are Jats, originally from Sibi, who migrated to southern Punjab in the early Middle Ages.[1] The Langah a Muslim tribe and is settled Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, district Lasbela ( Uthal, Windar, Hub, Bela) in Pakistan. Abdul Ghaffar Langah is a General Councillor of municipal committee Uthal district lasbela. He is a first general councilor in Langah tribe in lasbela district ...he is also a journalist and educated person...his Father Abdul Sattar Langah was teacher and his uncle Fazal Mehmood was a good and Senior journalist in district lasbela balochistan.. in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India.[2] They are related to the Langah clan of southern Punjab province.[3] The tribe had ruled Multan for around 80 years before the attack of Shah Hussain during the reign of Mughal Emperor Babar. The tribe was scattered after losing Panipat battle between Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi as the tribe was allied with Ibrahim Lodhi. Thereafter, tribe was migrated to different parts of India that time.


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